My Shelly's Rewards, The Shellharbour Club's Membership Rewards Program is designed to reward its most loyal members by providing access to a number of exclusive rewards.

Explore the five tier levels of rewards - Member, Silver, Platinum, Gold & 24K - each with its own unique reward scheme. Your tier level will determine the types of benefits you receive. To find out which level you qualify for and to start taking advantage of My Shelly's Rewards, simply swipe your card at our Rewards Centre.

My Shelly's Rewards costs no more than a regular Club membership but will open the door to a number of exclusive rewards. Plus, accruing bonus points has never been easier!

If you have any questions or would like more information on renewing or becoming a member of The Shellharbour Club, contact us on 4296 7155.

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    80,000+ MSR Points

    Invitation to 24K heralds a new level of benefits. You will not only enjoy all the rewards of every level, you will also receive a 50% discount on food and drinks when paying by bonus points.

    A Birthday Gift, exclusive extra chances to earn bonus points, Raffle Ticket Multipliers and Preference Parking are 24K advantages. Exclusive and Elusive Events, Monthly Delights and more await 24K members!


  2. GOLD
    40,000 - 79,999 MSR Points

    Your "Welcome to Gold" gift unlocks the benefits exclusive to the Gold membership level. All the benefits of Membership, Silver and Platinum levels are yours to enjoy. In addition, you will receive a 30% discount on all food and drinks when paying with bonus points.

    Enjoy an extra-special Birthday Gift as well as additional entries into the monthly Birthday Draw, invitations to Exclusive and Elusive events, no bonus point expiry and Preference Parking at the Club.


    20,000 - 39,999 MSR Points

    Move to Platinum and you'll enjoy all the benefits of a Silver Membership while receiving a 20% discount on food and drinks when paying by bonus points.

    Your "Welcome to Platinum" gift signals the start of extra rewards including additional entries in selected draws including the Birthday Draw and MSR Cash Pot, a higher Instant Bonus Points Boost rate and invitations to Exclusive and Elusive events.


    5,000 - 19,999 MSR Points

    At the Silver membership level, an extra 10% discount on top of the already great Members prices applies for all food and drinks purchases when paying by bonus points.

    Silver members will also receive a "Welcome to Silver" gift, additional entries in selected draws including the Birthday Draw and MSR Cash Pot, Raffle Ticket Multipliers and more opportunities to earn bonus points.


    0 - 4,999 MSR Points

    Every member of The Shellharbour Club receives great benefits including membership discounts at all eateries and bars.

    Our members also enjoy discounts on selected special events, activities and workshops, complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks (in selected areas) and entries into our members-only promotions such as the Members' Birthday Draw and many others throughout the year.


How can I check which tier I qualify for?

You can swipe your card at the Rewards Centre. Alternatively see any of our staff members and they will assist you.

How do the tiers work?

There are 5 levels of membership; with each tier offering a number of different rewards. The higher the tier, the more rewards you will receive.

The moment you've reached the MSR Point level required, you will be moved up a teir. Twice a year on the 1 April and 1 October we will review all members' accounts and, if necessary, adjust members’ tiers.

When a member is moved up or down a tier, it is based on the MSR Points accrued by that member over the previous 6 months. Bonus Points are not included in the calculation that determines your tier.


What if I don’t want to participate?

Should you decide to no longer participate in the My Shelly's Rewards Membership Program, you must let us know in writing. Please see staff for more details.


Where can I see the Terms and Conditions?

Access our Terms and Conditions here.